Introducing Kelvin the wine thermometer.


Monitoring the wine temperature is a snap with Kelvin. Simply select the type of wine you are drinking, then put the temperature monitor clip on the bottle. Kelvin will tell you when is the best time and temperature to enjoy the wine. It is incredibly easy! 


With wireless Technology, you can now monitor the wine temperature on the kelvin receiver unit without checking the fridge obsessively.


Kelvin Thermometer (base unit and monitor clip)

Kelvin can be adjusted based on your preferred temperature and wine characteristics. Kelvin sit comfortable on the door of the fridge. 


Information about the wine temperature is displayed on the BASED unit with colour code. Different colour represent different state of temperature of the wine.



Did you know that Chardonnay is the most popular wine in the world, yet most ‘normal’ wine drinkers are serving it far too cold! Fridges are fine for preserving food, but they ruin the flavour, aroma and body of your complex whites…

Just right

Once you discover how to serve your wine at the correct temperature we guarantee you that you will change the way you drink wine forever. Being able to taste wine as the wine maker intended is a choice, until now you just never knew it was yours to take.

Too warm

Who ever said red wine should be served at room temperature probably lived in an 18th century castle...the modern day wine drinker has creature comforts like central heating and insulated walls, anything over 18 degrees is just too warm for any wine (even for the fullest of reds).


Kelvin is designed with ten CATEGORIES of wine in mind. 

Simply pick the category and you are set.

Don't just take our word for it

“I'm fully convinced that serving temperature has a startling effect on the taste of a wine. And don't serve those reds too warm!”

“When wine is too cold you can hardly taste it. When its too warm , it tastes flabby and defuse. But most wine, whether its at home or in restaurants, is served at the wrong temperature.”

– New York Magazine

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